4 Ideas to Use to Improve Your Dental Practice

Part of running a successful dentistry office is dental practice management. Management is going to cover customer service, marketing, billing, and any other service that is needed to run a successful dental practice. The biggest problem that most dental offices face is managing the business, all they do is focus on is taking care of the patients.

The first thing that you need to remember about dental practice management is that you must follow good business practices. The reason for that is that a dental office is just like any other business office, and if you do not have good business practices, your business is not going to succeed. To ensure that you are following good business practices you will want to make sure you have some specific systems in place before you open your dental practice to patients. The must have systems include appointment setting, billing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and patient record keeping. Without these systems, your dental practice will not run smoothly.

The next thing that you need to have in place for good dental practice management is a good office manager. Having a good office manager will help you put the systems you need in place, but they can also help your office run smoothly. Even if you have an office manager in place, you as the business owner will need to have a basic understanding of office management. You want to know how to interview and hire people, but how to compute payroll as well.

Another tip that you can follow is your customer service. You will want your office staff, whether it is the receptionist or the dental hygienist, you need to pay attention to how your customers are being treated. You and your staff need to have a great bedside manner, as well as great customer service skills because it can entice patients to come back or stay away. One way to enhance your customer service is to read as many articles as you can on customer service and make improvements as necessary.

The next thing that you should work on is your marketing; this should be one of your bigger goals because it will help determine how successful you are. When working on your dental marketing you will want to think of all of the marketing techniques that your dental practice can successfully use. Some of the more popular ones you can choose from are direct mail marketing in the form of postcards, but you can also take out advertisements in local newspapers or pass out fliers around the neighborhood. Once you have thought of all the marketing techniques that would work for a practice you will want to choose the best ones.

When creating your marketing campaign you might want to consider using a dental practice consultant, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Just remember that when creating your marketing campaign you will want to include a variety of marketing techniques, including internet marketing to achieve the best results from the marketing campaign. The more people you are able to reach with your marketing campaign the more potential patients your dental practice will have.


5 Real Niche Trends in Web Design to Take 2018 by Storm

Whenever I have an opportunity to look at the web design trends from all across the web, one thing that disappoints me always is they are all the same from last year, or probably not what you see around these days. I mean come on, animation has been always considered to be a big trend in enhancing a website, and that too even today. However, do you know how big a trend animation is? Seriously, if you really have a checklist of trends, and if you are going to include a full screen animation video into it, you better check out a niche range of top websites before doing so. No one likes to see an animated video anymore. There is the lot more than that. To prove it, let us check out 5 niche trends that are going to take the web design arena by storm.

1. A non scrollable full screen can be a difference maker

So finally, people are getting used to sites that are non scrollable, since they have to put in fewer efforts into site navigation. Imagine, scrolling those one page sites, till eternity, with a sticky header accompanying you all the way to the bottom. It is always refreshing to see pages wherein everything is present within the screen, and you need not to scroll for navigating to other pages. Nowadays, people are very busy, and non scrolling sites can act as a great time saver for them. Let us look at a few examples why this is great.

  • Facebook Privacy Basics
    Facebook makes use of side scrolling sliders to explain step by step instructions on the basics related to their privacy policy, backed by some wonderful illustrations. Great, isn’t it?
  • Fantasy
    Fantasy is a design agency doing a great job of keeping everything above the fold. Although, it appears as if some sort of scrolling is involved, in reality, it isn’t. Checking in the work section, you can access the content below the fold, by clicking on the icons present above the fold.
  • KLM 50 Travels
    Another wonderful example of implementing this concept, taking you through 50 destinations with the help of a walk through video wherein you need to sit back and relax, watching the best places to visit around. Just use arrow keys, or space bar for a little bit navigation if required, avoiding users to make use of mouse.

2. A headline residing in a sticky format on the sideways

This is a brand new trend, seen on very few sites. It is always best to check such kind of trends on sites of design studios, or agency sites. This is a style wherein you have a sticky headline moving with the text, as you scroll down. This is a wonderful trend that is found only on desktops and not meant for a mobile viewing. Let us look at a few examples why this is great.

  • Code & Theory
    The site makes use of city headlines as a sticky format, so when you do a scroll, the related city name appears on the left side, and it changes when scrolling is continued.
  • Stack Overflow
    Herein, the sub-navigation appears to be sticky as you scroll, with only the highlighting changing based on the section appearing on the right.
  • DDB Sthlm
    When you scroll down, you will see the corresponding menu remaining sticky on the side with only menu names changing as per the content.

3. Loading is everything about showing the logo

This is another huge trend gaining popularity nowadays. The only thing you have while the site is getting loading is showing off the logo. Let us look at a few examples why this is great.

  • Instrument
    When you open up the website, the only thing you see while the loading is taking place is the logo. After then it vanishes, and only appears back when you open the menu.
  • Fubiz
    The site has different logos meant for different sections. So, when you open a section, you have a different logo backed with some nice animations.
  • This Also
    Another great design wherein the menu navigation icon takes the role of the logo by holding the position, as well as acting as a loader. Not directly, but the design makes an indirect approach towards this trend breaking the norms.

4. Background images appearing in a disruptive manner

Imagine, the background images taking all over the site real estate. This is definitely, not a new trend. However, what’s new in this is when mouse hovers over the background, suddenly the background image starts showing motion. Now, this is an amazing trend. Let us look at a few examples why this is great.

  • Make me pulse
    The site uses the trend quite convincingly such that when you hover over the background, you see digital mountains rising up, wherever the cursor moves.
  • Active Theory
    This is another great site wherein the background shows movements with your cursor moving here and there. It looks as if you are creating some sort of a distortion in the digital background.
  • Details
    The site might require you to do some scrolling stuff. But as you do, and when you reach the bottom of the team, you have some nice distortion taking place. Although slightly, but nice!

5. Using animations over the top through a creativity touch

Since this is possible nowadays, why not to opt for it? Animations when introduced in a right fashion can work wonders, making the overall experience entertaining, as well as pleasing enough. Do it with great precaution since it can consume your loading time and speed, but do it over the top for making it all of them worth it.

  • Waaark
    The design studio has produced one of the most stunning experiences in terms of visuals this year. The site does a great job of actually going over the top when it comes to animations.
  • Animocons
    A classic example of click based animations, with everything happening with just mere clicks.
  • Rally Interactive Beta
    Another site with right kind of animations, going crazy all over the place, and animation effects changing with clicks, while things remaining simpler when you have nothing selected.


Web Hosting Industry: How Cpanel Web Hosting Works

Majority of web hosting Resellers offer cpanel to their customers and yet providing the very same solutions: chiefly CPanel web hosting services. cPanel Hosting can be done and put to use after attaining a license, which is a bit expensive. Most likely companies can afford the cost of license.

CPanel lacks the professional look expected, when compared with the various other control panel interfaces available in the market. Compared to the interfaces of several other control panels, the CPanel control panel is not very professional. Although it is easy to use, it can be viewed as too much of an 'eye candy' interface. Many web hosts and customers alike believe that more time could be spent developing new features for the control panel, than by creating a design which is not strictly professional, and in some cases, overdone.

Even the CPanel hosting price tags are identical. Very identical. Giving those in need of a top web hosting service almost no other web hosting platform / hosting CP alternative. So, there is just a single fact: out of thousands of web hosting companies around the world, the non-cPanel based ones are less than 3% !.

Unlike other control panels, CPanel is the most widely used in the web hosting industry. Thus, the competition between CPanel web hosts, and the market within is much more flooded than the markets of other control panels. A CPanel web host has much less of a chance of being chosen by a potential web hosting customer, than a company which uses other control panel

cPanel can not be considered the best because it is the most widely used, most common and most easily attack by hackers, there are many comparable control panels available on the market, and the term 'best' is simply a matter of opinion.

One major problem or drawback for using Cpanel is that more than 96% of thousands of different web hosting brand names all over the world will give you the very same CPanel web hosting CP and platform, branded differently, with probably the same price tags!

One of the main criticism of cPanel stems from its default theme. It looks and feels outdated in 2014 but most admins are able to find a theme and change the interface to their liking.

The wide spread usage also attracts an unusually large number of hackers. However, if you take necessary steps to protect your Apache, PHP and MySQL you can protect your server from most common and advanced attacks like DDoS and SQL injection.

However, cPanel can do the trick if you have just one single domain to host. But, if you have more domains, cpanel is not the best to use. To add more domains, you have to use add on software to add additional domain name which are very simple to erase on the hosting server, because they all are located into the root folder of the default domain, which is the very well known public_html folder .

Another reason cpanel is not recommended is that the mail folder structure is all the same.

A cPanel license is also expensive compared to the competition at the moment. It is best suited for small and medium scale websites and is not suitable for huge websites. The bug fix and exploit acknowledgment and resolution can also take a while. Overall support is great but the competition does a better job than cPanel in this segment.

Being vulnerable, cPanel is forward to attacks. It poses as aa security risk to content for its updating process time. It is usually an update process performed at night but any attack before updating can incur losses.

Cost of License: cPanel Hosting comes with an expensive license which is essential to operate cPanel.

Lack of professional look: As and when compare with other control panel interfaces available in the market, cPanel lacks the professional outlook.


What is WordPress?

Over the past five years, WordPress quickly became one of the most popular blogging tools online. Now WordPress has an intuitive interface that goes beyond basic blogging. You can create a stellar website, blog and have an online presence for your business in less time than you might think. WordPress hosting supports the WordPress platform to help you take this blogging tool beyond its everyday potential.

Blogging is a useful way for businesses to regularly update their websites and communicate with their visitors. A blog is an informal means of posting articles and information to your website. By adding new content regularly, your website will enjoy increased rankings in the search engines. Additionally, visitors will come back often to see the latest blog entries so they remain well-informed. If your blog offers informative, unique content, you become a valuable resource for your visitor and they will tell other people about your blog. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways to advertise your business.

WordPress hosting makes the most of your blogging possibilities. Using WordPress is easy and only takes a few minutes to learn. It is very logical so almost anyone with basic computer skills can get started in WordPress effortlessly. Simply login, add your new article and put the blog text right into WordPress. Your entry is published in just seconds with the click of your mouse. In minutes, people will be visiting your article and spiders will be crawling your content.

Since 2003, WordPress is a simple, usable solution for bloggers around the world. WordPress started with a single code to enhance everyday writing topography. Today WordPress is the largest blogging tool worldwide. Choosing WordPress hosting means millions of people will have access to your words. Because WordPress is an Open Source project, people all over the globe are working on it. Without paying a license fee, you can use WordPress for all types of business and personal blogs. WordPress hosting is also a budget-conscious choice for your website.

With reliable WordPress hosting, you can build a complete professional website. Rather than hiring a web designer, do it yourself with WordPress hosting. For less than purchasing software or hiring a pro, you can have a viable online presence. Choose a quality WordPress hosting company, login into the WordPress platform and get started. WordPress tutorials and prompts guide you through the process. With less time and effort than you ever imagined, you will have your own business website and blog up and running.

WordPress hosting is not just for fledgling businesses. Major corporations use WordPress because it offers streamlined, functional operations. Employee from around the globe can all work on the same blog, website or project. Access is given to various employees who then do their jobs from any location around the globe. Whether an employee is at home, in transit or at the office, it is simple to update blogs, add new products or services and revise web pages.

Savvy businesses know WordPress hosting is an easy, quick way to build a professional online presence and get noticed. Because WordPress has the highest hosting standards, a WordPress host offers a reliable forum to communicate with your valued clients.


The Benefits Of A Minecraft Server Rental Provider

In case you are seeking managed Minecraft server hosting companies then you will need not be concerned much as you could come across them on the net plentifully. But, just before going with them you should understand specific fundamental issues with regards to the services offered from the rental server companies.

Technical Specifications a Rental Server Has to Have

You ought to think about the technical specifications provided from the rental companies and compare them to additional selections of other rental server companies. Therefore, you will be able to make a decision on the amount of players to be hosted to work with the server and also the volume to be used in sustaining it. The server you choose for this objective has to be accordingly strong to adapt towards the quantity of users specified by you. The details of your rental server should consist of RAM allotted, allotted disc space, speeds offered to upload and download the video game, power of the CPU applied, and also the bandwidth utilized for sustaining it. The volume on the hard drive must also be regarded when negotiating with a rental server provider as a SSD drive is regarded much better for quicker performance than a normal hard drive.

Benefits Supplied and Things to Take Into Consideration While Choosing a Minecraft Server Rental

Various rental server companies offer you various sorts of services and benefits. A number of them offer you tailored services though others present free rein to use them as per your wish. Though you will be in a position to decide on a server per your requirements you could still get the following advantages with quite a few server rental businesses when you are cautious in bargaining with them.

Installation of Plugins, Wrappers, and Mods

Many of the servers enable you to use wrappers as per your needs. Although, this service is not provided by each of the providers. You ought to ensure about their installation when you’ve got the choice for particular plugins or mods.

Presented Privileges as Well as a Control Panel

Several of the minecraft server rental hosts supply you different administrative privileges, to permit you to install plugins and mods needed for you to modify the files, and give you a portal chock-full of add-ons to customize their use. Specific providers offer restricted rights as well as others offer control panels for controlling the server for administrative work. You ought to check the details of those privileges before sealing the deal.

Customer Support and Upkeep Services Made Available

A few of the rental server companies supply client assistance and upkeep services around the clock. You’ll want to check regarding the runtime service conditions and extent of maintenance services provided by them ahead of finalizing the rental deal with the service companies. The responsibility of keeping the server up to date using the most up-to-date technologies should also be concluded ahead of time.

Back-Up Facility and Safety of Data

You need to also speak about the measures employed by the rental server host with regards to the safety of the information along with the common backup supplied by the provider.

Uploading the Existing Downloads From Other Servers

It is best to also know whether or not the Minecraft dedicated server hosting company will permit you to upload information retrieved from other servers, to work with them fluently in a single place.

Altering the Terms And/or Upgrading the Server

You ought to opt for the companies that provide change of plan possibilities for the users of their services who discover the current plan to be not suitable for them. Additionally, a few of them supply upgrading of your servers if you are not happy with the efficiency of it.

Offer of Money-Back Guarantee

A few of the providers offer you 7 to 10 days total money back guarantee considering some don’t allow any such guarantee, so you must check for such promises ahead of getting into the agreement.

Extra Features

Some extra options are supplied by a few of the providers to provide extra quality for the efficiency of Minecraft. It is possible to choose them if you want, but be aware that they could possibly charge appended fees for these services.

Packages Made Available

A number of the service companies supply particular bundles on the basis of quarterly, monthly, and yearly payment schedules. It is possible to evaluate these packages with other hosts coupled with other features offered by them to select the ideal one for you personally.

Thus, it is possible to avail various benefits from Minecraft server rental providers when you select one appropriate for you by taking the many precautions established above.


What Is Web Design?

Web design means to create, plan and update on websites. It also involves user interface, website structure, website layout, colors, fonts, contrasts, imagery and much more. Websites are formed combined by all these elements. Website design is more than just the visual aspect. But, it is more than that. The designing includes more elements like user habits, usability, navigation logic and many other things which would help in finding the information faster on the site. It also aims to simplify the usage so that everyone can use it.

It involves collecting of ideas and arranging them aesthetically. The created end pages can be accessed by end users. Thus, one needs to make sure that the web design is simple. Listed below are a few elements that will help you in creating a user-friendly site.

• Adding relevant multimedia

Adding appropriate audio and video will help the users to understand the content in an easier and quicker way. This would motivate the users to spend more time on the site.

• Proper navigation

Menus, site architecture and other tools must be based on how a user browses through a site. It should be such that the user can browse easily on the site.

• It should be interactive

An interactive user interface increases the number of user involvement. You can do so by adding in a comment section. You can also put in newsletter sign-ups and email forms so that they can know more about you.

• It should be compatible

The web page should be designed in such a way that it can perform equally on different operating systems and browsers. That will help you gain more number of views thereby increasing your site traffic.

• Using advanced technology

Using latest technologies provides designers the freedom to innovate and experiment. It allows the design to be professional and fresh each time.

Just make sure the design is user-friendly so that the user does not have to spend too much time searching for the required information.

Also, the content present on the site should be of superior quality. The design and the content work hand-in-hand to enhance the information through text and visuals. The text on the site should be of superior quality and should at all times be useful and relevant. It should be such that it does not confuse the readers and gives them the information that they have been looking for. Also, the content should be optimized so that your site can be found by a maximum number of people.


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Learning More About the WordPress Hosting

Do you know what a WordPress hosting is? If your answer is NO, this content can help you. This article will give you some basic information on these hosting services, which is earning a lot of popularity in the market. Today, the WordPress hosting is becoming as a major platform for the publishers to upload their content on the web. This type of hosting services is used by a huge number of people. WordPress has also captured the market worldwide. Most of the companies are employing it for reporting on the global event, whereas many hobbyists have opting it for sharing their news as well as opinions publicly. Apart from these, there are also many benefits you can enjoy with the help of these hosting services.

Naturally, there are many beneficial reasons that are making WordPress hosting so popular as well as suitable to all from professional to casual users. However, when you are planning to use this type of hosting services, make sure you are stating it in the right way. Although finding a reliable hosting company was a problem in the past, with the advancement of internet and increase in the hosting companies have made it simpler. If you look in the market today, you will be able to find many companies, which are providing this type of hosting services for the users.

When you are opting for WordPress hosting, you will have the convenience of uploading content as well as designing your blog with many free templates. This will also help you to give desired look to your blogs. If you are designing the right blogs for your business, you will be able to find a huge traffic flow to your website. This type of hosting services is also providing many themes as well as plug-ins for the users.


Key Questions to Be Asked When Choosing the Best Web Hosting Provider For Your Website – Part 1

General Questions

  • The duration since the company has been in the business?

Its important for you to know the period since the hosting company has been in the business.The longer they would be,the more experience they would have.This would prove useful for online business websites success.With experience in the bag,faster would be the issues sorted (atleast you can hope so).

  • Does the hosting company that you’ve shortlisted offer Good Value for Money

When finalising a website hosting provider to host your domain/s, you need to ensure that you are not paying anything extra for the resources that are offered with the hosting packages. These days due the high level of competition,web hosting services have become fairly affordable.You must compare the resources offered along with the packages and the price that you need to pay.

  • Does the host offer Money back guarantee for the packages?

Most of the hosting providers in the industry offer Money back guarantee.If not any money back guarantee,then almost all the reputed web hosting providers offer trial period with their web hosting packages. This option enables the users to have the option whether to continue using the services or to withdraw them.

  • 24×7 paid or free support

It is advisable to select a hosting service that offers 24×7 assistance. This enables you to contact the host at any point of time and get the issues regarding the hosting account resolved.

  • Flexibility in Hosting

It is important that the web hosting provider offers flexibility in upgrading or downgrading the services availed from the hosting account.

Question for Billing Department

  • What are the modes of payment?

A user should check the modes of payment that the host accepts.For example: PayPal,2Checkout,Google Checkout,Money Bookers,Bank Transfer etc.

  • Payment Cycles offered?

Check if the host accepts payments on a Monthly,Quarterly,Semi Annual or Annual basis. Also find out if the host offers discounts on any of the payment cycles.Accordingly you can decide the cycle that suits your budget.

  • Can the account be canceled if you sign up for an Annual Cycle?

It may happen that after using the services from a web host you may decide to quit their services,in that case you should have the option to so and get a refund of the money that you have already paid.

  • Can an SSL be purchased later if required?

It may so happen, that you do not need an SSL right now.In such a case make sure that the host would enable you to purchase and install it later onto your domain.

  • Does the Host offer additional disk space and bandwidth,if yes then at what cost?

You may experience situations where you do not want to upgrade the hosting package but get additional disk space and bandwidth,hence is advisable to make yourself aware whether this can be availed later.Also check the charges for that.

  • Buying a hosting package without registering a domain with the host.

Its mandatory with some hosts that you need to buy a hosting package if you need to register a domain under their registry.


A Little Known Way to Find a Quality & Affordable Professional Internet Web Hosting Provider

When some individuals find an affordable professional internet web hosting provider, the next thing that they start to do is that they start accessing the quality of the hosting provider by looking at the main features of the web host.

It is not a bad thing to look for the main features that a quality and affordable professional internet web hosting provider should have. Some of these main features are reliability, speed, and bandwidth. What I'm trying to pass across is that there is a little known feature that an affordable professional internet web hosting provider should have. And that feature is web statistics.

A quality and affordable professional internet web hosting provider's web statistics tool should be able to show you the locations of visitors to your website, the pages on your website that was visited, where the visitors were referred from and for how long the visitor was at your site.

A quality and affordable professional internet web hosting provider should be able to show you the number of unique visits that your site gets every single day. An affordable professional internet web hosting provider should have a webalizer. The webalizer will show you graphical and numeric data of the number of visitors that your website receives hourly, daily and monthly.

All what has been mentioned above are the characteristics of an affordable professional internet web hosting provider that is of good quality. An affordable professional internet web hosting provider that offers quality service will also be able to keep your website online 24/7.